Welcome... my private website! Me, that's Martin Schreiner, a graduate in computer science who has studied »Digital Media«. On this site I will give some information about my person and I will present my work.

Hope you enjoy this website ;-)

01-02-2012 » New Industry, new Challenge

Half a year ago I changed my employer and crossed industry lines, too. Leaving the »mobile stuff« behind I entered to the energy business.

At the Soluvia IT-Services GmbH (formerly known as 24/7 IT-Services GmbH) I am now responsible for a topic called »market communication«. A provocative, in addition, very interesting task.

Meanwhile I am trained and really enjoy my daily work. So I am strained what exciting tasks the future will bring.

03-09-2009 » Developing mobile websites

Today my article about development of mobile sites was published at and!

It describes the development of mobile websites as common Java Web Projects in NetBeans and explains, how to solve problems that usually appear with developement for mobile devices. This can be done by delivering the content (BiscuitML) via the Netbiscuits Platform.

Moreover my website made a change of scene...

04-15-2007 » Another design available

This years winter was not really cold and the next summer is in the offing, too. So, I decided to assimilate my website to that circumstances and created a new color scheme. The scheme is themed »Africa« and implicates warmer colors. I hope you'll like it!
Of course you can reactivate the familiar design at technical, if you prefer that...

06-06-2006 » Henceforth multilingual is now available in German as well as in English! You can switch the language at the footer.

05-15-2006 » New layout, more content

From today my website appears in a new layout. The old »underwater world« is disused and replaced by this simple and standard conform design. More about that at technical!

Furthermore my studies has its own part on this website. There you can read about courses I attended and projects I performed.